How to Use Intention and Mindfulness to Restore Your Relationship with Wealth!

As a financial adviser on Wall Street, I’ve seen it all: the uneasy billionaires, the disgruntled divorcées, and the ego driven over-spenders. Their money was no longer a beneficial resource, but instead, an incredible burden that eventually defined them.  When “they” turned into me and I found myself on the verge of personal collapse; it became clear to me that financial management is much more complex than just formulas or forecasts. 

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You’re Making Other People Rich

Many of us live in a constant state of unrest as we fill voids with possessions and battle the urge to consume on a regular basis. In my talk, You’re Making Other People Rich, I explore how to use intention and mindfulness to restore your relationship with ‘wealth.’ 

I provide real-life case studies from my experience working with ultra-wealthy individuals and connect with your audience through humor, empathy, and vulnerability. 

Your audience will leave with a better understanding of the different tools and tricks marketers use to get them (us) to consume. I provide actionable strategies to fight back and add space between the impulse to both consume and spend money. 

I have given nearly 100 speaking appearances to those who are on the verge of entering the workforce and those who will inevitably be faced with distractions to mindlessly consume at the expense of building long-term wealth.  

70% of American adults have less than $1,000 saved for emergencies.

Do you want to provide your audience with the tools necessary to avoid the same money mistakes that most Americans fall victim to? Consider me as your speaker at your next event.

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