“I left a cushy job as a Senior Vice President making over a ½ million-dollar salary, to start a business that gave me the capability of owning my life on my terms!”


Wealth Coach, Speaker, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Author.

I am the founder of Future You Wealth. I am a holistic wealth coach, speaker, and published author of “You’re Making Other People Rich”. Over the past few years, I have been featured in Business Insider, CNN Money, and HuffPost, discussing my knowledge of building wealth.

As a financial advisor, I challenge and inspire people to get real about their life, guiding them to make the necessary changes and defining what wealth truly means to them. As a part of that mission, I have taken years of formal training, setbacks, life lessons, successes and used my own life reinvention to fuel simple yet effective lessons to help anyone live a life of true abundance and wellness.

my story

Broke, depressed, and on the verge of divorce; I was bottoming out. No one could tell.

As the newly minted, senior vice president at an investment management firm, I had a mid-six-figure income and a life full of pleasure and convenience. If you spent five minutes with me, you’d be convinced that everything was great— mostly because I needed to convince myself of this.

Once I made it, nothing changed.

In fact, everything was far from perfect. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I’d done everything the “right way.” I wasn’t perfect, but I knew how to fall in line and deliver on expectation. I’d accomplished everything I set out to and then some. My résumé told the story: degrees from highly sought after schools, Wall Street career, fancy job title, top industry designations, high income, frequent fine dining, custom suits, luxurious downtown apartment, and limited life failures.

What I thought would be an exciting journey in my life, was outmatched by my overconsumption, quickly turning this new adventure into one of the most depressing times in my life. I became more financially insecure than ever, and even with making my “I-made-it number”, I was still dependent on my next paycheck and bonus. 

I worked to finance my lifestyle, but I was missing out on what truly made my life meaningful.

I remember looking at my credit card debt with horror and disgust. Instead of doing something about it, I ignored it, and focused my energy on something else.

 Intellectually, I knew this approach was foolish, but my ego was more powerful than my intellect. My ego was destroying all aspects of my life, including my marriage.

Something needed to change.

I wanted to save my marriage. 

I wanted more purpose and meaning. 

I wanted financial independence.  

I wanted to own me!

The moment things changed.

For the longest time, I was convinced that managing wealth was all about being technically sound, but there’s much more to it.

Creating a net worth statement, building a budget, developing and implementing an investment strategy, reviewing insurance options, and planning for college were all important, but I learned the hard way that building wealth is just as much about the why and the what as it is the how.

This led to the creation of the “Own You” ideology.

I reshaped my mindset, became aware of my current and past actions, started taking accountability, and took a hands-on approach that focused on living a life of intention.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions...

How can I take ownership of my life? 

How do I start building wealth? 

How do I get started? 

How do I develop more confidence? 

How do I detach myself from external expectations?

Let me lead you down the path of personal growth and financial independence. Your future expectations are defined and owned by YOU.

The only way for you to experience the meaning, purpose, and freedom that comes with financial independence is if you decide that you want it. Wealth is a choice.

The time to take ownership of your life is now!

“Ryan has been a tremendous help for us! My husband and I are trying to save for a house and decrease our debt, and he has helped us prioritize our payments and expenditures to make both happen as quickly and responsibly as possible. By showing us small changes we can make to our spending we have been able to work towards our financial goals in a much more meaningful way than we would have on our own. He is also incredibly easy and fun to work with! I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking to pay down debt, save, invest, or make major purchases.”  

- Sally, Boston, MA

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