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My name is
Ryan Sterling

I am a Wealth Coach, Wealth Manager, and Wellness Enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the world of financial advising. I want to help you own your life on your own terms, all while achieving financial peace and independence. Financial peace is a state of mind. It’s achieving freedom, inner peace, and having ownership of your life. I’m here to guide you down this path.

Ready to (re)define your self-worth?

When someone asks you what kind of car your drive, where you live,
or which firm you work for- how does that make you feel?

Are these objects, ideals and titles a reflection of your self-worth? If so, I can relate. For a long time, I let society’s expectations define success for me. I felt this constant pressure to “keep up” and “show off” my success and achievements. Whether that meant buying designer clothes, going to high-end restaurants, and being part of the most exclusive clubs… We don’t realize how much of a grip these societal expectations have on our own spending behaviors. But worse, we don’t realize how much of our self-worth is tied to all the “stuff” we own.

Which leads me to this next question: do you own
your life or does your lifestyle (and “stuff”) own you?

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You’re Making Other People Rich

Dive deeper into my wealth building ideology and explore how to use mindfulness and intention to restore your relationship with your wealth.

" I fell into the same financial traps that most Americans fall victim to."

Are you living for you or maintaining for them?

Have you felt trapped the past few weeks, months, or even years due to your financial obligations? Trapped in your work life? Stuck working at a great firm that pays a big salary, just so you can get the things that you think you need.

I get it. The money’s great and getting new things is fun and exciting. But there’s that small voice you hear every so often. The one that’s whispering to you, the one that makes you daydream about trading it all to be free, to do the things that you really want. Then reality reels you back in and you think to yourself, “how can I leave my job when my life is dependent on the paycheck?”. 

Maybe it’s time to design your life and define wealth on your terms.

“Ryan’s program helped me financially get through a difficult time. The information and tools gave me a sense of peace and confidence in my financial situation. I will continue to use his process in the future.” 

- Sophie, Brooklyn, NY

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Are you ready to own your life on your own terms? Are you ready to learn the tools and tactics to optimize your wealth beyond just finances? Then this course and our diverse community is just what you’ve been looking for!

How to Create Financial Peace

Creating wealth is not just based on your financial earnings. Happiness, health, and peace of mind are all contributing factors to your wealth. 

My 3-step process to achieving true wealth is as follows:



Society creates a perceived notion that you live in a state of scarcity. Understanding how the scarcity mindset attracts poor financial decisions will help you remain aware of the impact of your decisions. 

“Your innate desires for pleasure and convenience can inhibit personal growth.”



Confront and disarm your ego, commit to change, and believe you can pursue meaning and purpose.

“If you are not accountable then you are merely taking action in the dark.”



When you commit to taking action, you will start seeing progress. Celebrate your successes, while remaining resilient during setbacks. It’s about being just a little bit better every day.

“Action leads to freedom.”

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"The vision I have for you is to take you from your current life of unrest and help you detach from your ‘I shoulds’. It's time for you to OWN YOU.”


From Dependency to Independence

There’s a belief among people that if you reach your “I-made-it” number, your problems will disappear, and life will be perfect! The reality is this: when you achieve your big number, when you make that aspirational purchase, and when you think you’ve arrived, nothing actually changes.

What you thought would be an exciting, monumental achievement, wasn’t nearly as fulfilling as you thought it would be. The extra zeros in your salary weren’t the salvation you’d hoped they would be. Instead they became your prison. Now, you can continue on this path, or you can shift your thinking and realize that true wealth doesn’t come from how much money you earn. 

True wealth comes from owning your life and detaching from the “should’s” that society loves to place on us in order to live a life of true abundance and happiness.


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I’ve been in your shoes and I understand the unrest and feelings that are associated with it! Let’s work together to set wealth goals that are aligned with your values, purpose, and passions, with a one-to-one approach every step of the way.

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